Learning Commons

What is a Learning Commons?

A Learning Commons is a library embracing 21st Century Skills. It's a physical and virtual space that allows students to be engaged and deepen their learning by critically thinking, problem-solving, collaborating, innovating and communicating. The goal is to broaden student learning beyond the classroom and community. For more information, visit the Alberta Education website.


  • Ms. Caroline Furman
  • Mrs. Ereny Rizk

Library Catalogue (Destiny Discover)

How to access: 

  1. Click here.
  2. Select 'Alberta' under 'Location.' 
  3. Enter the school name.
  4. Click the 'Red Deer Google' box to sign in with your Google account.

What's Offered


  • Resource (books, calculators, chromebooks, etc.) checkouts
  • Research tutorials 
  • Writing and citation help 
  • Reader's advisory and book lists 
  • 3D printing and design help 
  • Design software help 
  • Colouring table 

Programs & Clubs

  • TBA


  • 3D printer
  • Chromebooks
  • Design Centre 
  • Desktop computers 
  • TV screens for collaboration


Our fiction books are now organized on the shelves by their genre:

Action & Adventure

  • Espionage, sports, superheroes, adventures around the world, and more. 

Adversity & Overcoming 

  • Mental and physical health, grief, trauma, death, social and political topics (such as racism, sexism, immigration, etc.), and more. 

Fantasy & Supernatural

  • High and low fantasy and stories about supernatural creatures such as werewolves, vampires, ghosts, etc.

Historical & War Fiction 

  •  History stories, classics, stories about worlds all over the world, and more. 

Mystery & Horror

  • Crime, detectives, the unknown, monsters, and more. 

Relationships & Identity

  • Romantic relationships, friendships, interpersonal relationships, and discovering one's self. 

Sci-Fi & Dystopian

  • Space, advanced technology, dystopian and post-apocalypse.