Scenario 1: In-school classes resume

Please see RDCRS COVID-19 information.

Learning Commons

What is a Learning Commons?

A Learning Commons is a library embracing 21st Century Skills. It's a physical and virtual space that allows students to be engaged and deepen their learning by critically thinking, problem-solving, collaborating, innovating and communicating. The goal is to broaden student learning beyond the classroom and community. For more information, visit the Alberta Education website.


Library Catalogue (Destiny Discover)

How to access: 

  1. Click here.
  2. Select 'Alberta' under 'Location.' 
  3. Enter the school name.
  4. Click the 'Red Deer Google' box to sign in with your Google account.

Reopening: COVID-19 Protocols

You heard it right! The Learning Commons is officially reopening on Tuesday, September 22. Please watch the following video for information regarding the new protocols to ensure the safety of students and staff:

What's Offered


  • Resource (books, calculators, chromebooks, etc.) checkouts
  • Research tutorials 
  • Writing and citation help 
  • Reader's advisory and book lists 
  • 3D printing and design help 
  • Design software help 
  • Colouring table 

Programs & Clubs

  • TBA


  • 3D printer
  • Chromebooks
  • Design Centre 
  • Desktop computers 
  • TV screens for collaboration


Our fiction books are now organized on the shelves by their genre:

Action & Adventure

  • Espionage, sports, superheroes, adventures around the world, and more. 

Adversity & Overcoming 

  • Mental and physical health, grief, trauma, death, social and political topics (such as racism, sexism, immigration, etc.), and more. 

Fantasy & Supernatural

  • High and low fantasy and stories about supernatural creatures such as werewolves, vampires, ghosts, etc.

Historical & War Fiction 

  •  History stories, classics, stories about worlds all over the world, and more. 

Mystery & Horror

  • Crime, detectives, the unknown, monsters, and more. 

Relationships & Identity

  • Romantic relationships, friendships, interpersonal relationships, and discovering one's self. 

Sci-Fi & Dystopian

  • Space, advanced technology, dystopian and post-apocalypse.