Student Services

What is Student Services

  • Educational Counselling - assists students to adopt a perspective that places a high priority on planning their educational futures.
  • Career Counselling - assists students and parents by providing developmentally appropriate programs and information on career planning, which assists students with the school-to-work transition further education after high school.
  • Personal / Social Counselling - assisting a student in learning to cope with the demands in their lives.
  • Student Support Centre – provides an in-school supervised area for exam writing, detentions, and in-school suspensions.
  • Mediation Assistance - assists students and their families with conflict resolution.
  • Agency Information and Referrals - assists students with information and referrals to various agencies.


  • Academic Awards  
  • Alberta Health Services
  • Computer Assisted Career Exploration (Career Cruising)
  • Exam Accommodations 
  • Family School Enhancement Counsellors  
  • Locker Inquiries 
  • Peer Coaching 
  • Police Liaison  
  • Post-Secondary Information Fair
  • School Ambassadors 
  • Student Exchange Programs
  • Student Financial Assistance
  • Tutoring Referrals