Students, we invite you to be the best you can be: spiritually, academically, physically, socially, and morally. Our school provides you with rich choices and a broad array of programs/courses. We encourage you to enjoy high school by becoming active in several extracurricular clubs and athletic opportunities. 

In recognizing the value of student choice and the tremendous benefits gained from active involvement, our staff is committed to providing a nurturing environment for you to enjoy a successful and memorable Catholic high school experience.

Our school handbook/program guide contains a wealth of information:

Notre Dame 2024-2025 Program Guide

Finally, we encourage you to live a life in harmony with love: love God above all, love others, develop servant leadership skills - all of these will you lead you to contribute to the greater good of society beyond high school.

On behalf of the staff and administration, we wish every one of you success, happiness and God’s blessing - remembering that God is our power; knowledge is our strength!