Diplôme d'études en langue française (DELF) Exam

Our school presents the opportunity to our Grade 12 students to write the Diplôme d'études en langue française (DELF) exam. Please click here for the Parent Letter.

French Immersion

Oui Je Parle Francais

Middle school French Immersion students complete their French Immersion program at École Secondaire Notre Dame High School. When they meet the requirements, students receive a French Immersion Certificate.

In order to receive a French Immersion Certificate of completion, students must complete the mandatory program requirements as detailed at registration.

This includes:

  • French Language Arts 10-1 or 10-2, 20-1 or 20-2, 30-1 or 30-2
  • Études Religieuses 15 and 25
  • Mathematics 10, 20, 30
  • Science 10
  • CALM
  • Études Sociales (Social Studies) 10-1 or 10-2, 20-1 or 20-2, 30-1 or 30-2

On occasion, because of timetable conflicts or course selections that are not offered in French, students are allowed to receive a certificate without having completed all requirements. These exceptions are managed by the French Immersion Department Head and the Grade Administrator.

"Yes, You Can Help!" is a great resource for parents of French Immersion students.

Grade 10

Sciences 10 F
French Language Arts 10
Études Religieuses 15
Études Sociales 10
Mathématiques 10
English Language Arts 10

Grade 11
Mathématiques 20-1
Études Sociales 20
Études Religieuses 25
French Language Arts 20
English Language Arts 20
Carrière et Vie

Grade 12
French Language Arts 30-1 or French Language Arts 30-2
Études Sociales 30-1 or Étude Sociales 30-2
Mathématiques 30-1
English Language Arts 30

French Immersion Courses

Études sociales 10-1 F
Perspectives on Globalization /  Regards sur la mondialisation
Students will explore multiple perspectives on the origins of globalization and the local, national and international impacts of globalization on lands, cultures, economies, human rights and quality of life. Students will examine the relationships among globalization, citizenship and identity to enhance skills for citizenship in a globalizing world. The infusion of multiple perspectives will allow students to examine the effects of globalization on peoples in Canada and throughout the world, including the impact on Aboriginal and Francophone communities.

Études sociales 20-1 F
Prerequisite: Études Sociales 10-1
Perspectives on Nationalism / Regards sur le nationalisme
Students will explore the complexities of nationalism in Canadian and international contexts. They will study the origins of nationalism and the influence of nationalism on regional, international and global relations. The infusion of multiple perspectives will allow students to develop understandings of nationalism and of how nationalism contributes to the citizenship and identities of peoples in Canada. The Social Studies 20 course is entitled: Regards sur le Nationalisme.

Études sociales  30-1 F
Prerequisite: Études Sociales 20-1
Regards sur l’idéologie
This course is for those students who have achieved 65% or better as a mark in Social Studies 20-1. This course is designed to fulfill the grade 12 requirements for either the Advanced Diploma or the General Diploma. This course requires students to have a very strong work ethic and a good understanding of contemporary issues. The ability to formulate thoughts and opinions into a strong written essay is required.

Students will explore the origins and complexities of ideologies and examine multiple perspectives regarding the principles of classical and modern liberalism. An analysis of various political and economic systems will allow students to assess the viability of the principles of liberalism.

Études sociales 30-2 F
Prerequisite: Études Sociales 20-1
Regards sur l’idéologie

This course is designed to fulfill the grade 12 requirements for the General Diploma. Students taking this course will be in the same class as the 30-1 but will be given 30-2 exams. Students will examine the origins, values, and components of competing ideologies. They will explore multiple perspectives regarding relationship among individualism, liberalism, common good, and collectivism.

Carrière et Vie
Prerequisite: None
This is a compulsory course for the high school diploma. The course covers a broad range of topics including: (1) self-management; (2) well being; (3) the world of work; and (4) independent living. Presently, this course is offered online and students work independently.

French Language Arts 10
This course is offered completely in French. It focuses on the development of a functional use of the French language in both social and academic settings. As in any language program, language skill development such as listening, speaking, reading and writing will be developed to enhance progressively the student’s ability to communicate effectively in the French language.

French Language Arts 20
Prerequisite: French Language Art 10
This course is a continuation of FR LA 10. Throughout the term, the students will gain abilities to successfully accomplish all goals of the Alberta Curriculum, but it will also be supplemented by DELF exercises.

French Language Arts 30-1 or 30-2
Prerequisite: French Language Art 20
This course is a study of French literature: novels, plays, poetry, and short stories. It allows the students to gain an understanding of the culture and traditions of the French speaking people. There is a Grade 12 diploma examination developed for French Language Arts 30. For French Language Art 30-2, students will write a school based final exam. 

Études religieurses 15F
Prerequisite: None
The students will study the principles that guide Catholics in understanding their role in the shaping of culture. It explores what it means to belong and explores relationship with self, others and God from a Catholic perspective. An overview of world religions will also be undertaken. Students must complete 10 hours of volunteer community service.

Études religieuses 25F
Prerequisite: None
Students will explore how believing is integral to human living, they will investigate the role of truth, goodness, the spiritual and religious community in the search to believe. Students will explore the Great Religions of the East. They will study the Bible as source of Christian belief, explore the message of Jesus and the Reign of God. Students must complete 10 hours of volunteer community service.

Sciences 10F
For French Immersion and Francophone students
This course emphasizes three of the key components of science: energy, matter and change. Four major units include: (1) Introduction to Chemistry, (2) Introduction to Biology of the Cell (3) Introduction to Physics (4) Weather systems.

Mathématiques 10 -C
For French Immersion and Francophone students
This course is designed for students interested in careers in a wide variety of areas. It is a pre-requisite for students who want to take the -1 or -2 course sequence. The Math-2 sequence is used for entry into many programs at universities, colleges and technical institutes, including some apprenticeship programs; e.g.: Arts programs, Civil engineering technology and Medical technologies. Topics include Measurement (SI and Imperial), Trigonometry, Polynomial factoring and operations, Systems of equations and linear relations and functions.

Mathématiques 20-1
Prerequisite: Mathématiques 10-C
For French Immersion and Francophone students
Topics include Rational, Radical and Polynomial Expressions/Equations, Trigonometry for angles from 0 to 360 degrees as well as sine law, consine law and the ambiguous case, Quadratic and Polynomial Functions/Equations and Systems of Equations.

Topics include Rates and Proportions, Spatial sense, Reasoning, Radical and Quadratic expressions/equations, Statistics, and a Research Project.

Mathématiques 30-1
Prerequisite: Mathématiques 20-1
For French Immersion and Francophone students
Topics include Trigonometry, Transformation of Functions, Inverses, Exponents and Logarithms Expressions/Equations, Polynomial, Radical and Rational Functions and Permutations, Combinations and the Binomial Theorem. While Mathématiques 30 is not compulsory, nearly all French Immersion student in that stream do take this course.