Credit Recovery

Credit Recovery

Credit recovery allows students to further their understanding and address learning gaps in courses for which they were not successful. Through credit recovery, students can work towards earning credit for a course they were not successful in without retaking the entire course.

Criteria for students to be eligible to complete credit recovery:

  • The student must have achieved a mark of 45-49% in the course.
  • The student's absences must not exceed 25% for the course.
  • The student does not plan on taking the next course in the sequence.

Credit recovery is usually not available for CTS modules due to health and safety concerns.

Students who are planning on taking the next course in the sequence are encouraged to retake the prerequisite course instead of completing credit recovery. This is to ensure the student experiences success at the next level. For example, a student who is completing credit recovery for Math 20-2 should not be planning to take Math 30-2 afterwards. In this case, it is recommended the student retake Math 20-2 to better prepare them for success in Math 30-2.

All instances are discussed with the teacher where possible prior to allowing the student to complete credit recovery.