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Jose Vallecillos

Photo of Jose Vallecillos

Teacher: Math 15-5/10C, Math 30-2

This will be Mr. Vallecillos’s third year of teaching at Notre Dame. In 2019, he completed his Bachelor of Science and Education degrees at the University of Lethbridge with a major in mathematics and a minor in science. In addition to finding math exciting and interesting, he finds great satisfaction in helping students learn from their mistakes, grow, and reach their goals.

Mr. Vallecillos was born in El Salvador and moved to Red Deer with his family in 2009. Being a former graduate of Notre Dame, he strives to help students build confidence in their capabilities to learn and create. When he is not teaching, Mr. Vallecillos listens to music, eats pupusas, and spends time with his family. Although it’s not his favourite thing to do, he tries to have an active lifestyle as he understands that taking care of one of God’s greatest gifts (our bodies) is very important.

During his final practicum as a student teacher, Mr. Vallecillos learned three key values that he carries forward into his classes. He strives to help students discover the “why” of their decisions and goals, to take every opportunity to “aim for growth”, and to “take ownership”. Mr. Vallecillos looks forward to having a great school year with his students.