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Julie Baker

Teacher: ELA 30-1, ELA 30-2, Foods 10-3

Mrs. Baker is currently heading into her year 15th at Notre Dame (this is her fourth - and last - career). She loves what she does and who she does it for! She is passionate about the art of storytelling in every genre it comes. She's also been a diploma marker for 13 years and she never stops learning about strong teaching.

She married her best friend 27 years ago ... he's her rock. She's also a proud mother of a professional animator/artist and a diehard programmer/developer... they're her soul. She runs, she writes, she crafts, she creates, she cooks. Their dog reminds her daily to wag in the moment!

These are crazy, chaotic, and challenging times. Mrs. Baker is grateful for the grace that change brings within and without. Courage and compassion are the hallmarks of character.