September- VAPING


It seems as though you cannot turn on the television without seeing increasing concerns with the impact that vaping has on our youth. While many teens believe it is a safe alternative to smoking, the studies that are starting to surface would indicate vaping poses its own risks and concerns. At Notre Dame we prohibit vaping- if caught on school grounds or during school activities, vapes will be confiscated and consequences will be given. Why the tough approach? We care about the health of our students!!! Please take a look at the following articles and news clips  for some valuable information. This should provide you with a solid foundation on understanding vaping as well as some strategies on how to prevent or help your child. 

Further, we have an addictions counsellor at the school if you feel that your son/daughter could benefit from meeting her, just call Student Services (403-342-4800) to set up an appointment.


CTV News clips explaining the growing epidemic...



Teen Vaping- What You Need To Know

What can you do as a parent? Follow this link for a great article from the NY Times

How to talk to your son or daughter about vaping