Scenario 1: In-school classes

Please text or call our division hotline 403-588-8155 if your child receives a positive COVID-19 result from Alberta Health Services. To learn more, please see our Division website.

School Hours

2020-2021 School Hours

Our school office is open from 8:00-4:00 each day. 

The following are the current protocols and procedures required to ensure the safety of our school community:

Drop-off Protocol/Access to Schools

Parent/guardians and visitors must not enter the schools unless approved by the Principal. Adults bringing students to school are asked to stay in their vehicle or outside the school and maintain a safe physical distance between themselves and others. Those who need to enter the school must book an appointment. Individuals without an appointment will not be able to enter the school. 

All staff, students, and authorized visitors/volunteers must utilize hand sanitizer prior to entering the building. 

Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms cannot enter the school. 

Authorized visitors and/or volunteers must complete an active screening process to enter the building. They are required to sign the school’s COVID-19 visitor log. 

Authorized parents/guardians of children with complex needs requiring support to enter the building should contact our school office. Staff will work with you to develop a plan that is safe for both students and staff.

2020-2021 Bell Schedule


  Begin End Min
Block 1 8:48 AM 10:08 AM 80
NDHS 10:10 AM 10:40 AM 30
Block 2 10:42 AM 12:00 PM 78
Lunch 12:00 PM 12:47 PM 47
Block 3 12:47 PM 2:07 PM 80
Block 4 2:11 PM 3:30 PM 79


No NDHS Begin End Min
Block 1 8:48 AM 10:17 AM 89
Block 2 10:21 AM 11:49 AM 88
Lunch 11:49 AM 12:29 PM 40
Block 3 12:29 PM 1:58 PM 89
Block 4 2:02 PM 3:30 PM 88