Grad Service Project

Each year, the Graduating Class of École Secondaire Notre Dame High School leads a Service Project. A charity is chosen and an event is designed to raise money for that charity.

This year, the chosen charity is Kerry Wood Nature Centre. Our goal... to raise $40,000 for this local organization. Funds will be used to help families rediscover nature.  

Our event will take place March 9 – 14. Each weekday, teams of 6 students and their team teacher work together to complete challenges and earn points. The final days of competition will pose the biggest competition, student teams along with a team parent will compete in a 23-hour extreme scavenger hunt throughout Red Deer. The challenge is to collect all 2020 items on the list!  

All students, in any grade, and their families are encouraged to become a part of this proud Notre Dame tradition! Each team must raise a minimum of $2020 to participate. Prizes will be awarded to the teams that earn the most points and for those that raise the most money. 100% of our money raised goes to the Kerry Wood Nature Centre to promote nature play and to expand the Nova Chemicals Imagination Grove Nature Playspace.  Notre Dame’s service project is a tradition - a tradition of school pride and giving back to our community.

Forget the box... just think outside! Join us. Create a team – grab 5 of your closest friends. Donate to a team help us reach our goal of $40,000. Help to make a difference. 

Contact Shannon Nivens, staff coordinator at 403-342-4800 ext 263394 or with any questions or for more information.

Service Project 2020 Team Registration