Graduation celebration graphic


A highlight of high school is participation in Grade 12 graduation ceremonies. Each June qualifying Grade 12 graduates participate in a school Mass and graduation ceremony. Graduation is a red-letter day in the school and an elegant ceremony not to be missed!

To be eligible to participate in the École Secondaire Notre Dame High School graduation ceremony, students must:

  • Be eligible for a High School Diploma according to Alberta Education standards,
  • Be registered in 30 credits in their Grade 12 year,
  • Successfully complete R.S. 15, 25, 35 or Religions of the World 30
  • Successfully complete 105 credits at École Secondaire Notre Dame High School (can include transferred credits from another high school). Courses completed at other schools in Red Deer or through distance learning while students are in Grade 12 without the prior approval of our school's administration will not be considered in the calculation of school graduation requirements.

The student must be enrolled in a program that will enable him/her to graduate by June 30 of the graduating year. To determine this, we expect students have completed 85 credits by the end of the first semester in their graduating year and are enrolled in and passing sufficient courses by Midterm of Semester 2 of that year.

Individual circumstances may be considered. Students do not automatically qualify to graduate. Course drops, failing a class(es) at midterm of the second semester in a student's Grade 12 year, or course withdrawals may result in the student becoming ineligible to take part in graduation ceremonies. It is the student’s responsibility to notify Student Services of any changes and ensure that their graduation status has not been compromised.