Exam Schedules

Final Exam Schedule

January and June Diploma Exam dates and times are set by Alberta Education and cannot be changed. Failure to write any of the Diploma level exams on the specified date and time will result in an incomplete mark and credits for the course will not be granted. Click on the link below for diploma exam dates and schedules.

For a full list of exam times for January 2019 please click the link below, Non-diploma exams are subject to change so please check back often.

Diploma Re-Writes: If you are rewriting a diploma exam (which means you are writing the same exam for a second or more time) you must be PRE-REGISTERED to write the exam, and you must PRE-PAY for the exam directly to Alberta Education using the Alberta myPass system. Students must self-register to re-write the exam and students must also pre-pay for any diploma exam re-write. The cost for re-writing a Diploma Exam is $26.25. Click on the link below to be directed to the myPass website.

Student Test Reminders

  1. Know the date, time and location of each exam.
  2. Have a pen, pencil, eraser and calculator (if needed).
  3. Have photo ID with you.
  4. NO cell phones and NO electronics of any kind – leave in locker, car, etc.
  5. No smart watches.
  6. Please be on time.