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AJ Mahoney (on leave)

Photo of AJ Mahoney (on leave)

Teacher: Chemistry 20, Chemistry 30

Mr. Mahoney currently teaches primarily Chemistry 20 and Chemistry 30. He is passionate about science and the exploration of the world around us, and through his work as a teacher he hopes to ignite that passion in others! He has a Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Education, and Masters of Education degree, and this will be year 10 of teaching for him!

Beyond the classroom, Mr. Mahoney is a volleyball coach, and an uncle to two incredible nephews. He enjoys staying active in the gym, reading books recommended by friends (creates more variety and excitement!), and walking his dog, Lupo. He grew up in Red Deer and actually graduated from Notre Dame in 2004! His family is all here in town and his favorite part of every week is Family Dinner on Sundays at his parents' house!

His favorite quote is: "Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy." (Guillaume Apollinaire)